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1.14.3 Server Maintenance about 1 month ago

The server will be offline while we are getting it ready for 1.14.3. there are a few plugins that are not ready. But should be fixes during the day

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MineCraft 1.14.3 about 1 month ago

MineCraft 1.14.3 is out.

We are testing the pre-release on the Civilization server, and everything is going ok on that one, so expect mcMMO to be updated the moment we get our hands on the 1.14.3 Paper version

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Today we updated the server to MineCraft 1.14.3-Pre4 Developement Build

Enjoy and let's hope it will fix more bugs than it brings.

DynMap isnt working, we are waiting for an update

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Spawn Hub delayed 2 months ago

The spawn hub is delayed, we talked to the developer of the Nature plugin we are using, and he is making a world genrator we want to use for the spawn map, this generator will be perfect for the adventure part we are planning on the Hub

Some pictures of the World generator in it's very early stage. Every tree is randomly generated. We expect to begin testing it in 14 days, and are continuing building things for the hub, so that we can move over when everything is as we want it.

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Live Map (dynmap) Poll 2 months ago

Should we get dynmap on the server (live map) We will make it so players are not shown, this way they can still build underground and hide. This will make them less likely to get hunted down by the other players, and then give them a better chance to begin with.

Link to poll

This is how it looks like on our mcMMO server:

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