World Of Wizards Online

MineCraft 1.15.2
20 hours ago

So we will probably update this weekend.  I just need the time to test it before we do it. 

Auction channel on Discord
about 1 month ago

We have made a Discord channel that will announce when people auction away items.
We also made a request channel for auctions. 

Server updates done
about 1 month ago

We have updated the servers to 1.15.1.
Expect bugs and errors. 

We are updating the server
about 1 month ago

So we have been running a test server for a few days, and we are now updating the server to 1.15.1.
If everything goes well, we will be up in a few hours. So lets croos fingers.

1.15.1 is released
about 1 month ago

1.15.1 is released, if everything is fixed, we will update the server. We have tried all of our plugins, and it looks like everything is working

Today, a first minor update was released for the Buzzy Bees Update - Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.1! This video is a quick guide to the changes in this version.