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Evolved Races 13 days ago

Today we made the evolved races, so now you can evolve to the path each of the normal races can take.
There is only one level at the moment, but we will soon be ready with the level system for them

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New Moderator 14 days ago

We welcome NigdigMan as moderator on the server.

NigDigMan has shown us that he can handle the power it gives him. and he is constantly online when I'm not.
And then theres that fact that MissCrafter has known him for almost a decade. So we trust him.
He wont get any advantages out of it, except that he can now ban people. 

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Youtube Channel 18 days ago

We actually got a Youtube channel, so if you record on the server, then send it to me and we can upload it to the channel
It could be a build, or your recording of a cheater.

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Help us grow 22 days ago

There are not many ways for a server to grow, but one thing that can really help us out, is if you vote for us on the different sites.
We have made it easy for you, so just follow the links in Voting Sites You will get a Diamond for every vote, so it's an easy way to earn money to use in the game.

If you want to help us with server cost, you can do it in our store. This will help us pay the bills and upgrade the hardware and plugins. Most of the things we do on the server come at a price, we try to stay way from free plugins, and only use premium versions, that way we get support, and th...

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So what ?

Well from now on I can create a lot of new mobs for the server. 

The first mob on the main map is a Vampire Bat, so don't be surprised that some of the bats will attack you ;)I will slowly add more mobs to the server, but most of them will be on the new maps. We don't want the main map to be too hard to play on.

have fun

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