World Of Wizards Online

We are changing the RPG system
7 months ago

So we have been running for 6 months with the new RPG systems. But we are not satisfied with it. So we will remove some of the elements and replace them with new ones.

We are of course sorry that you will loose some of the progress you have made. But this will make the server more easy to maintain, and the over...

MineCraft 1.15.2
8 months ago

So we will probably update this weekend.  I just need the time to test it before we do it. 

Auction channel on Discord
9 months ago

We have made a Discord channel that will announce when people auction away items.
We also made a request channel for auctions. 

Server updates done
9 months ago

We have updated the servers to 1.15.1.
Expect bugs and errors. 

We are updating the server
9 months ago

So we have been running a test server for a few days, and we are now updating the server to 1.15.1.
If everything goes well, we will be up in a few hours. So lets croos fingers.