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So what ?

Well from now on I can create a lot of new mobs for the server. 

The first mob on the main map is a Vampire Bat, so don't be surprised that some of the bats will attack you ;)I will slowly add more mobs to the server, but most of them will be on the new maps. We don't want the main map to be too hard to play on.

have fun

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Here is a list of the blocks you can sell to the server and what they are worth.


  ACACIA_LOG: '0.6'

  OAK_SAPLING: '0.22'

  ACACIA_STAIRS: '100.09'


  POPPY: '0.2'

  ANVIL: '1700.25'

  APPLE: '100.76'

  ARROW: '0.1'

  BAKED_POTATO: '0.92'

  BEACON: '11200.66'

  BEEF: '0.17'

  OAK_LEAVES: '0.11'

  OAK_LOG: '0.66'


  WHITE_CARPET: '100.06'




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Main Commands 7 days ago

We are updating the Wiki with the Main Commands for the game.


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Companions 11 days ago














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MythicDrops 12 days ago


MythicDrops adds things such as mobs that drop more loot, socket enhancements and unidentified items. 

Why are mobs dropping enchanted gear?

As stated earlier, sometimes, mobs can drop either enchanted, or unenchanted gear. They will ordinarily have a coloured name, enchants, and a tier.
Mobs that spawn from spawners, or spawn eggs will not spawn with MythicDrops gear. Passive mobs, Endermen and Zombie pigmen will also not have any MythicDrops items.

What are tiers?

Each MD item has a tier. As you go up in tiers, there’s a higher chance of it having higher level, or more ...

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