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MythicDrops adds things such as mobs that drop more loot, socket enhancements and unidentified items. 

Why are mobs dropping enchanted gear?

As stated earlier, sometimes, mobs can drop either enchanted, or unenchanted gear. They will ordinarily have a coloured name, enchants, and a tier.
Mobs that spawn from spawners, or spawn eggs will not spawn with MythicDrops gear. Passive mobs, Endermen and Zombie pigmen will also not have any MythicDrops items.

What are tiers?

Each MD item has a tier. As you go up in tiers, there’s a higher chance of it having higher level, or more enchantments. Tiers can also affect which type of item the drop is. For example, you will never find a legendary wooden hoe, but you can find legendary diamond items.

Tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Artisan, Epic, Exotic, Legendary
Ordered from worst to best.

What does an "Identity Tome" do?

Not all MD loot has it's greatness straight out of a mob's carcass. Sometimes, they are in a dormant state, during which they act like vanilla gear. During this state, they are Unidentified.
To identify unidentified items, right click with the Identity Tome, then right click with the unidentified item in hand. This will notify you that you have successfully identified the item, and it will be given it's stats. Keep in mind that common items sometimes may not have any enchantments.
Identity Tomes can be found while hunting mobs.


What is a "Socket Gem" and what does it do?

MythicDrops adds not only fascinating new items, but cool new ways to customize them as well. This is done by the process of socketting. Only items with open socket slots can accept sockets however. You will be able to tell if there are open socket slots by looking on the item. There are many different types of sockets, and they can be different items, so be on the lookout! It's also good to note that while there can be emerald and diamond "Berzerker" sockets, both of them will do exactly the same thing.
Sockets have two important components- their type, and what they can be used on. There are 3 variation of usages. They will either be for ANY, TOOL, or ARMOUR. This will be shown in the socket.

There are many different variations of sockets, and some are still undiscovered! They are great fun to test, so go nuts!

Known Sockets
Defense I

Sockets work in the exact same way as Identity Tomes. First, right click with the socket in hand, then right click with the item with an open socket.

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