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MineCraft 1.14.4
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01 Jan 1970
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01 Jan 1970

So I've been offline due to fixing my computer, and yes I fix my computer when the electronics break, everyone should teach themself this instead of just buying new ;) 

Anyway, there have been some small problems about peoples claimed land, so some of them are gone. If you are one of them, just contact me, and we sort it out.

1.14.4 is pretty stable now, and the server seems to be running fine again.

We have lost some players, mostly those who think MineCraft is all about idling at their machines. We let people do it, but we will never run it like a Vanillia server, that would cause lag instantly no matter how big of a server we get. So the tradeoff is that it's your problem if the machines doesn't work, try and figure out a way to make it work without 20 hoppers (hint WATER)

· 10 months ago