World Of Wizards Online

First Join

 You get 20.000 Minions to buy gear for, you can use the command /kits 
 This will show you different kits that you can buy.
 You can use all 20.000 on full diamond gear, or you can buy one of the cheaper ones and save some money to claim land for. 

 Since the server is using economy for almost everything, you want to get some jobs. 
 You can choose 3 jobs, and you can always change them later. you get access to jobs with /jobs browse
 Just follow the on screen instruction. If you want to leave a job, just use /jobs leave
You will level up in your jobs, and the server will keep those levels, even if you decide to change one of the jobs, and then later want to join the job again.

When you feel like your ready to travel to the mainland, enter the portal located at the Colosseum.


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