World Of Wizards Online


A few of the main commands used in the game (we will try to keep it updated)

AuctionHouse: Sell your stuff
Main Command: /ah

Residence (Protect Your land)
Main Command: /res
TP to Residence
/res tp name
Change settings in Residence
/res set

Jobs (Get a job)
Main Command: Jobs
/jobs browse
Remove job
/jobs remove name

Sell to the server (some blocks can be sold to the server)

See your online time

Buy kits from the server
Main Command:  /kit

Set your home
/sethome or /sethome name
Remove your home
/removehome name
Main Command:

Access to advanced workbench
Hold shift and right click workbench
Some of your advanced weapons can be repaired by punching an Anvil 2 times.

Give a player access to a chest
Remove protections from chests, furnace etc.

Claim your horse so it can gain level
Main Command:  /h