World Of Wizards Online


Forest & Wildlife
Our server generates trees and small plants at a constant rate in areas with online players.
So don't be surprised if the environment around you looks different, it's our forests that naturally grows around the players.

Natural Paths
The server will randomly turn blocks below the player into paths at a random chance. Think natural paths!
2% chance that all Dirt & Grass blocks will turn into Grass Paths 
1% chance that Sand will turn into Red Sand
2% chance that Stone will turn into Cobble Stone.
2% chance that Snow layers will melt
2% chance that Snow Block will turn into Compact Ice

Our mobs are levelled, so the further you get from the center of a map, the harder it gets.
We got custom mobs, so there will be plenty of new ones to fight.
Mob drops, some of our mobs drop custom things, Zombies have a 1% chance of dropping a Villager Egg, so you can make your own town.

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