mcMMO introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft enhancing the native mechanics while extending the gameplay.
mcMMO offers RPG experiences, leaderboards and parties, and is used to rank up our players on the server.

You can press the icons below, and you will be taken to the mcMMO Wiki for that skill.
    Combat Skills    
Leather Boots.png
XP in Acrobatics is gained by taking fall damage, successfully rolling on the ground, or successfully dodging attacks.
Bow Pull.png
XP is gained by dealing damage with a bow and arrows based on how far they are from their target.
Diamond Axe.png

XP is gained by dealing damage to mobs, entities and players based on the amount of damage dealt to mobs or other players when using the Axe
Diamond Sword.png

XP is gained based on the amount of damage dealt to mobs or other players when wielding a sword.
Nossr 2.png

XP in Unarmed is achieved based on the amount of damage dealt to mobs or other players when unarmed.
    Gathering Skills    
Iron Shovel.png
You level up by digging materials that are mined with a shovel and find more unique treasures.
Fishing Rod.png
The fishing skill allows you to fish faster and catch more unique treasures while fishing.
Iron Hoe.png
The Herbalism skill offers extra drops and automatic crop planning, saving time and effort.
Iron Pickaxe.png
Experience in Mining is gained by breaking naturally generated blocks with a pickaxe
Iron Axe.png
Experience is gained by harvesting logs, stripped logs, wood blocks, mushroom blocks, and mushroom stems.
    Misc Skills    
Red Splash Potion.png
Experience in Alchemy is gained by successfully crafting potions and by adding additional ingredients to existing potions.
Iron Ingot.png
Repair allows you to use an iron block to repair armor and tools. Arcane Forging is used to keep enchantments on items after repairing them, It starts at level 1
As your level increases, your wolves will get abilities that increase damage, defense and other things.


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